Dance The Night Away With 10 Hottest Female DJs In The World

You may have known about the most famous DJs like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Zedd, but do you know that there are a lot of popular female DJs too? They are not only talented with their extra zing music but they also look incredibly scalding and stunning. Here are the 10 hottest female DJs in the world whose hot looks will give your eyes a treat.

1. Juicy M
Juicy M, whose real name is Marta Martus, is a widely famous progressive and electro house DJ. The Ukraine-hailed lady is widely known for her Youtube videos and mixing multiple CDs without making use of headphones.

2. Chantel Jeffries
Chantel Jeffries is definitely one of the hottest DJs in the world right now with the strikingly attractive figures that are way too good to ignore. She is currently in a relationship with one of The Chainsmokers duo Andrew Taggart.

Chantel Taleen Jeffries, also works as an actress, model, record producer, and Youtube personality, reached no. 10 on Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart with her debut number Wait in 2018.

3. Peggy Gou
Peggy Gou is a South Korean DJ, fashion designer, and record producer who is based in Berlin. The beauty has covered a lot of places in the world as part of her touring destinations.

She leaves a strong impression with a healthy figure and a lot of tattoos on her body.

4. Mari Ferrari
Famous as one of the most fashionable female DJs, Mari Ferrari plays for highly sophisticated and chic clubs in town.

Not only her music but Mari also stands out with her quirky fashion style as can be seen on her Instagram. One of the hottest female DJs in the world gives a vibe of Ghost In The Shell movie and space avatars.
You will fall for her beauty almost immediately when you see DJ Soda. The South Korean producer is named among the hottest female DJs in the world undoubtedly because she has the most stunning body ever.

She was extremely popular in Asia in the the year of 2016-2017 and up until now, she still remains one of the most followed female DJs on Instagram with 4 million followers.

6. Nina Kraviz
When you search for female DJs on the Internet, Nina Kraviz’s name will surely pop up first. Considered to be one of the hottest female DJs in the world, the Russian lady is also known for her powerful music which has earned her multiple nominations and awards.

Nina Kraviz is a top figure in the electronic music industry

Among the female record producers, she seems to have more edges over others. Her sharp, mature beauty is what makers her even more attractive in the eyes of fans.

7. Deborah De Luca
The enviably stunning Italian DJ is gorgeous and sexy with a special musical sense. While her EDM songs would totally make you want to dance the night away, her look is what would make you blown off the ground.

The Italian DJ is all thing cool

8. Lisa Kensington
The New York hailed lady works both as a DJ and a model. She has been appreciated by the audience for her elegant style of production. She also has sexy vocals that can brighten up the place.

Lisa Kensington looking naughty in an old photoshoot

9. Tamara Sky
With a beautiful face and perfect figure, the Puerto Rican professional disc jockey and model are among the hottest female DJs in the world.

Tamara Sky now does not seem to appear in public as much as other DJs
She can boost the energy and ambiance at any party and her desirable look makes her even more captivating to fans over the globe.

10. Seherezade
Seherezade has been reputable for her glamorous and bold looks. Moreover, she used to be a model and has done quite a number of FHM photoshoots. With an appealing personality, it is also amazing to watch the Hungarian play her music at events.

Seherezade is named in the list of 10 hottest DJs in the world
These are the hottest female DJs in the world who wins hearts with not only their music products but also their mesmerizing figure and charm.

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